A year after the Trump Access Hollywood tape, allegations of sexual harassment emerge – finally – against a leading film producer

One year ago, the Access Hollywood tape of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women was released – and we thought it was over. Surely, SURELY, the conservative right wouldn’t stand behind a man who talked about grabbing women “by the pussy”. Surely the country wouldn’t elect such a man. How naive we all were!

It makes sense that one year later, the most outwardly misogynist president in history is trying to roll back protections for women’s birth control, and a story about a notorious sexual abuser has come to light. Everything is awful, and everything is out there. Maybe I should take some solace in the idea that we can’t hide behind the notion that sexism no longer exists – there’s no denying our country’s sickness now. But for the moment, I’m just a bit sad for us all.

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