Matt Frei’s documentary is almost overwhelming – especially for those trying to avoid bad news. Plus: moral dilemmas in Army: Behind the New Front Lines

Even if you try to avoid the headlines these days, you can’t help but catch snippets of news about how the world is going to hell. Plus there have been other subtle tipoffs, such as the birds fleeing across the skies as the firmament turns orange before our disbelieving eyes. Not for nothing did it turn that vibrant hue. Orange is the colour of Trump, and the barest smattering of knowledge about the man and his presidency has been quite enough to make most of us want to make like the birds and flee.

To have so many of the gaps in that smattering of knowledge filled in – or, if you are better informed, to have it so remorselessly and comprehensively laid out before you all at once – in last night’s Dispatches documentary Trump & Russia: Sex, Spies and Scandal (Channel 4) was almost overwhelming. And – as the title suggests – it concentrated only on, you know, the Russian thing. You could have a whole series on the man: Trump & Sexual Predation: Pussy-Grabbing, Multiple Allegations of Assault and Scandal. Trump & Business: Inheritance, Multiple Bankruptcies and Not Really Knowing What You’re Doing So That You Now Have Less Than If You’d Put That Inheritance in a High Interest Current Account. Trump & Democracy: Not, So, Much.

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