Bill Shorten tells caucus: 'We have nothing to hide' – politics live

The opposition leader says he has received legal advice that two in-doubt MPs are safe. Follow the day’s events live

Folks following the citizenship debacle over recent weeks will know that the major parties have been haggling in unseemly fashion over a new disclosure system to ensure parliamentarians comply with the eligibility requirements of the constitution.

A subset of this haggling has been legal advices at twenty paces, which is connected to threats at various times that various people will be referred to the high court outside the normal conventions where the parliament refers by consensus, rather than on partisan interests.


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One Nation has declared it will not vote on contentious legislation until the citizenship status of everyone in parliament is known. That, obviously, would include the same-sex marriage bill.

@PaulineHansonOz and sarahinthesen8 debate the dual citizenship crisis as Senator Hanson says she won’t pass legislation due to the crisis.

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