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The Conservatives have lost a council seat to the Liberal Democrats in a local by-election caused by the resignation of a Tory councillor who previously had been elected for Ukip, the Press Association reports. The Lib Dem victory came in a contest in the Stubbington ward of Fareham Borough Council. Ukip was forced into third place.
Voting was: LD 1,185, C 769, Ukip 117, Lab 76. The turnout was 39%.

Elsewhere in the latest council by-elections, the Conservatives held two seats – at High Peak (Limestone Peak ward) and Wandsworth (Thamesfield) – while Labour held two seats – at Camden (Gospel Oak) and Flintshire (Buckley Bistre West).


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Lord Kerr, the British diplomat credited with drafting article 50, has given his speech this morning arguing that Brexit is reversible. Matthew Weaver has covered his main arguments in a story filed earlier today.

Here are some of the other points he made as he delivered his speech.

I don’t know why Mrs May was in such a rush to send her letter in March, before her Cabinet had an agreed plan. It was odd to start the clock and not start negotiating, instead calling an election.

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