Plans for a Holocaust memorial close to the Thames in central London are criticised by Patricia Hollis, Michael Daley and Quetta Kaye and Alice Roberts, while Michael Madden suggests a simpler form of memorial

Your profile of David Adjaye (Architect of Holocaust memorial enjoys his most feted moment yet, 28 October) only briefly mentioned his proposed design for a Holocaust memorial in the peaceful and beautiful little park of Victoria Tower Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament. Your illustration suggests that a substantial part of this tiny green park will be permanently lost; the children’s beautifully designed and much-used playground will be lost; fine mature plane trees will be lost; and the calm of its river setting devastated by perhaps three years of lorries while excavating the underground rooms; to say nothing of the apparently huge “ribs” that will tower over the park’s gentle landscape.

I welcome a Holocaust memorial, say at the Imperial War Museum. But surely this proposal is the wrong design in the wrong place. Please reconsider.
Patricia Hollis
Labour, House of Lords (and former English Heritage commissioner)

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