For years, Google Chrome is a well-liked web browser for a lot of online business owners.

Do you also prefer this browser? If yes, you may want to check out the latest update for desktops called Chrome 62 that was released on October 17.

Let’s see how this update will change the game.


What’s New With Google?

Google puts a lot of effort into improving the security of browser users, making more effective tools and extensions (check out caseo article to learn about best Chrome extensions for SEO). Same goes for Chrome 62.

This new Chrome update doesn’t only imply a browser change but also a new way of work when it comes to search engines. These changes are going to result in a win-win situation for customers and businesses. By avoiding unsecured websites, browser users will have a much safer experience while surfing online. On the other hand, businesses that own fully secured sites are more likely to obtain trust and thus higher clickthrough rate.

In particular, Chrome 62 is designed to increase users’ safety by letting them know if a certain website is completely safe or not. So, when you use this browser for your research, it will mark HTTP pages as “not secure” if they attempt to collect data like search queries, login details, registrations, and banking or financial information.


How to See if Your Website Is Secured or Not?

One might ask, how to recognize an unsecured site? An unsecured website has “HTTP” address, while a secured page has “HTTPS” address.

In the URL bar, you will notice a green padlock followed by the label “Secure” if a website is trusted. HTTP sites will be flagged with a red warning triangle and marked “Not secure.”

These symbols are meant to instantly notify browser users if a website is safe to leave any details and browse through.


How Will This Affect Your SEO and Online Business

Those websites that fit all the security requirements by Google will see a significant rise in Quality Score.  Otherwise, your webpages will be pushed down in Google search results which will affect your Quality Score and SEO badly. This is particularly true for PPC and SEO advertising.

Many websites have already been labeled as non-secure because they have collected credit card information and/or passwords from their users. According to Google, there has been a 23 percent reduction in the traffic that leads to insecure HTTP pages since the change in previous Chrome 56 version.

With the latest Chrome 62 changes, we can expect that this rate is going to be increased in the near future. That’s because Google will flag all the webpages with any type of input fields. This means businesses having unsecured sites will suffer a lot.

When your customers see that your site is “Not secure”, they will start judging whether your business is trusted or is just an online scam to avoid. That will affect lots of legitimate online businesses, especially those whose websites request any visitor info, including financial details, username, password, and email address.


Get Your Site Secured!

Every business will have to work with a secure website in the future. Don’t let your website move to not secure!

To prevent this, you will be required to have a correctly configured server and an SSL Certificate.

Chrome 62 Is here! Make sure to act fast if you don’t want to lose your users.


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