So many industries are seeing tremendous benefits from using time tracking software. But one industry many people overlook is virtual assistants or VAs for short.

As a virtual assistant, to get paid for your services you most likely charge by the hour. The best way to track productivity on a per hour basis is to use an online timeclock.

When it comes time to charge your clients for services rendered, it would be very helpful to be able to itemize your invoices so that you can show which tasks you worked on, how long it took you to complete each task, and much more. Using an online timeclock makes this more than possible and very easy to accomplish.

As you are about to learn, there are many other wonderful advantages to using time tracking software on the Internet. We are going to dive deeply into this topic below and look at all of the excellent rewards virtual assistants will receive when using software such as this.


The Biggest Benefits of Using Time Tracking Software as a Virtual Assistant

Provide Simple Weekly Updates to Your Clients

When you first start working for a new client, they’ll want regular updates to make sure that you are doing everything that you said you would. The easiest and most simple way to communicate with your clients is to do so through the time tracking software system.

Many types of this software make it really easy to generate a report for your clients. They will be able to see the total hours you worked on the project, where you stand as far as completing the project is concerned, and much more. This will provide your clients with peace of mind and they’ll appreciate your thoroughness and ability to track your hours and productivity in such a professional manner.


Make Adjustments to Tasks On-the-fly

By closely monitoring your time and the amount of hours you’re putting into each task during the day; you can make necessary adjustments that will help set your schedule for the rest of the week.

You may have worked with many of the same clients for a while, and feel that you have your schedule down pat. But then seemingly out of nowhere one or more of your clients will ask you to make an adjustment and focus on another more important task, and this could seriously throw your entire system off balance. But when you track everything this closely, you’ll know where you can back off on a particular aspect of a project so you can make additional time to focus on the new task at hand.


Time Tracking Shows You Exactly Where All of Your Time Goes

If you are like many people, you can get caught up in the minute details of the project and accidentally spend hours of time focusing on a little, miniscule requirement that really doesn’t need so much attention. By utilizing time tracking, you’ll be able to break out of these time sucking routines once you see just how much time you’re wasting on certain tasks that don’t need so much focus and attention.

Let’s say you are handling a time-consuming task of blog commenting for your client. You can easily get distracted into spending hours on a single answer, without proper focus. This will leave you with little results and a lot of time spent.

But when you know where your time is going, you can adjust your workflow accordingly. You’ll be able to focus on the responsibilities that need the majority of your time and attention, and you’ll stop getting stuck on the smaller details that do not need or require that much of your time.


Stop Making Billing Errors

When you do not thoroughly track your time, it’s very easy to make billing errors that will unfortunately cost you money over the long run. Since you are a virtual assistant, you need to get paid for all of the tasks that you complete; otherwise you are only hurting yourself for no reason at all.

Utilizing time tracking software is a great way to make sure billing errors cease-and-desist. Whenever it comes time to bill your clients, make sure you thoroughly review your detailed time tracking report, itemize your invoice, and charge your clients accordingly. Thankfully, you’ll never have to worry about making this mistake again once you put an online time clock to work for you.


It’s Easy to Grow Your Business When You Track Your Time and Productivity

Virtual assistants that do not track their time and productivity often have a difficult time growing their business.

You, on the other hand, know exactly how much time you’re spending to help your existing clients, and you know exactly how much time you have available to help new, better paying clients as you grow and expand your online VA services.



It’s plain to see that virtual assistants and online time clocks certainly go together hand-in-hand.

When VAs utilize time tracking software to its fullest, they will work more productively, bill for their services accordingly, and also know the best ways to grow their service in the future.




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