Singer angry that Turnbull and Frydenberg used Working Class Man to spruik a policy and Mitch Fifield calls for urgent action on the Hottest 100. Follow all the day’s developments live

Right, we’ve just heard a little more on the same-sex marriage debate. The Senate will resume its consideration of the bill from 10.30am.

Conservative MPs have proposed a series of amendments to Dean Smith’s bill. They’re designed to give stronger protections on freedom of religion, conscience, parental choice, and expression. In a nutshell, they’re designed to protect people who don’t like or believe in same-sex marriage and give them the right to express such views without retribution.

I hope and believe that the majority of senators respect the view of the Australian people, so emphatically put in these last couple of weeks, that they want marriage equality.


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Just casting our gaze over to the national broadband network for a moment.

You’ll remember yesterday the NBN announced that new delays will affect millions of their broadband customers.

No, absolutely not. And it is one of the reasons why the NBN will be completed by 2020, which is still the case, which is six to eight years sooner than would have been the case under our predecessors.

Absolutely, there are hundreds of thousands of Australians who in the pre-NBN world are already accessing fast broadband over the HFC pay tv cables. In fact, in the United States most people who have broadband access it over the HFC pay tv cables. So it’s a good product.

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