This week I missed Theresa May at the launch party for my new book, and enjoyed the news about antiques-savvy sheep

Bleak Sunday evenings have been immeasurably improved by the arrival of Blue Planet II. Seldom has being educated and informed been made to feel so enjoyable. The photography is breathtaking, the array of marine wildlife even more so. I can only admire the dedication of the camera crews who must have hung around for weeks filming not very much, waiting for the 10-second money shot. The whole show is so full of extraordinary sequences that have never previously been caught on film before, that part of me wonders if they haven’t made some of it up. I can just imagine the planning meetings. David Attenborough: “What have you got for me this time?” Researcher: “We’ve some dolphins we’ve trained to surf.” Attenborough: “That’s pathetic. I want a fish with legs, an eel in toxic shock and an acrobatic giant trevally that can catch birds in the air. And while you’re about it, find me a serial-killer shark with an underwater machine gun.” Researcher: “But …” Attenborough: “Just do it. The CGI is pretty good these days.”

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