Readers give their views on the situation in Catalonia

The Spanish prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, is digging a deep hole for himself (Rajoy: ‘Pull back from havoc of separatism’, 13 November). Once again, his conservative party is using the courts for political ends. It is deeply disturbing that a political party mired by corruption scandals is now overseeing the imprisonment of democratically elected Catalan politicians.

It is not obvious how the Catalan elections called for 21 December are going to be “free and fair” when the leaders of the largest Catalan party are either in prison or in exile in Brussels. In any case, the Spanish government has made it clear that if a separatist majority is elected, article 155 of the Spanish constitution will be invoked again. The EU has refused to act to bring this nonsense to an end and open negotiations between Spain and the Catalan autonomous government. Surely it is time for the UK Labour party to bring pressure on its sister party in Spain (PSOE) to stop sitting on the fence and force the minority Spanish government to the negotiating table.
Dr John Payne
Author, Catalans and Others: history, culture and politics in Catalonia, Valencia and the Balearic Islands,
Frome, Somerset

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