It’s been 28 days of photo ops, smiles, stunts and One Nation warnings. Now Queensland decides who will lead it until October 2020 – follow election night live as the results come in

G’day from the Sunshine State!

Pretty soon I’ll wash off the sunscreen from day three at the Gabba and head to the LNP’s election function in Brisbane, where Tim Nicholls will be hoping to make a victory speech later on tonight. To do so though the LNP are going to need to defy most of recent polling, which has had Labor sitting marginally ahead.


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We have entered tonight with the polls pointing to Labor just flopping over the line, with most sitting around 52 to 48 per cent on the two party preferred measure.

Neither party is willing to claim confidence in any result as yet, and that’s because of the role preferences are expected to play. With Queenslanders now having to tick every box, following a Labor move designed to hobble the Greens, which failed to take into account the return of One Nation, pollsters, both public and internal are still trying to work out where those preferences will go.

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