High-budget drama of once taboo leader to be shown on state TV, but Bolshevik uprising still a delicate subject in Russia

Leon Trotsky, in a floor-length black leather jacket, paces back and forth in a carriage of his armoured train, pistol in hand. A heavily made-up woman smoking a cigarette is reading poetry, then suddenly disrobes, and the Bolshevik revolutionary grasps her in an embrace. Images of writhing flesh and the sound of crashing music accompany footage of the train hurtling across the snowy Russian landscape, spreading the spirit of revolution to the masses.

This is how viewers will first see Trotsky, one of the most controversial figures of the Russian Revolution, in a new high-budget series that will premiere on Russian state television on Monday, the day before the centenary of the 1917 Bolshevik uprising.

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