AAJ Mullay on how the ill-fated K13 became K22Ian Jack, in his interesting article on submarines (Opinion, 4 November), mentions the 1918 disaster in the Firth of Forth. This featured, in fact was caused by, the presence of the K-class boats exercising with surface ships. In my Guardian article on this in the 30 January 1988 issue, I gave the death toll as 103, although it appears that there were an additional two deaths on one of the surface cruisers, a fact not obvious when researching the incident in the RN Book of Remembrance and the Grand Fleet Secret Packs at the Public Record Office (now the National Archives).

Mr Jack may not be aware that the vessel whose defective rudder triggered this disaster was K22 – whose renumbering was intended to disguise the fact that it was originally none other than K13.
AJ Mullay

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