If you are working online, then you know that using the right tools makes the difference between failure and success.

When you own a website, it’s not just about content, you need to focus your efforts on many other aspects too, like SEO, backlinks, traffic, analytics, competitors, keywords research, marketing and social media.

In this post, I’m going to introduce you SE Ranking, an all-inclusive cloud-based SEO software that covers everything you need to succeed with your online business.


How to Get Started with SE Ranking

Once you’ve activated your account, the first thing you want to do is adding a website.

Be sure to enter:

  • website title;
  • website URL;
  • search range (set to 100 normally). This reflects the depth of search engine results page scan during the website rankings update;
  • project status (set on active);
  • weekly reports (to receive updates via email).

The collection of data on website rankings is done automatically and daily. So, no more manual checks or statistics losses.

When moving to the next step, you will be asked to connect your Google Analytics account. This way, you will be able to import your keywords and see how the performance affects traffic you’re getting:

Other than this option, you can enter one keyword per line.

You can do it manually or by copying the column from any text editor:

Now, in the next step, you want to add the search engines to be tracked.

You can also specify your location to check website positions in the right target region.

Now, it’s all set!


SE Ranking Main Menu

The drop-down menu gives quick access to the account settings, bonuses and payment sections, as well as to the options to personalize your account.


“Rankings” Module

There is no way to work on the website without your progress tracking and control.

The “Positions” module allows you to track rankings changes in the SERPs of Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex search engines.

But, what information does it provide? Let’s see the details.


Rankings Table

The table shows the ranking data. Choose the «Detailed» view if you need to see every region and the Search Engine in a separate table. Choose the «Overall» view to see all the data in one table.


Important Data on the Keywords

Wish to learn how important and effective the keywords you use to promote your website for? Read the following information:

  • search volume,
  • keyword competition rate,
  • Google Adwords click cost,
  • KEI (Keyword Efficiency Index),
  • the number of Search Engine results for the selected keyword.

Match the gathered information with the ranking data and leave only the most efficient search queries to be promoted.


Settings and Data

There are multiple filters in the interface of the service, you may sort, do the micro-settings or access additional data.

Click the titles of the columns and table’s cells values and access useful information that no other statistics service can deliver.

You can always read about all the capabilities of the services in the Help section.


“Analytics and Traffic” Module

In this section, you may estimate the traffic for your website, its visibility in the SERPs and the progress potential.


Maximum Data for Your Website

  • Behind the «Snippets» tab you will see how your website looks in the SERPs.
  • “Google Search Console data” will show the search queries worth adding to the semantic core of your project.
  • “SEO potential” will allow to analyze the current results for the SEO and build a forecast for the future.


“Competitors” Module

Add up to 5 competitors to analyze their rankings ups and downs in the real-time mode. SE Ranking will analyze the same regions and Search Engines as your own website.

Modern and precise competitors assessment method explains and shows the progress of other websites and gives your valuable ideas on how to correct your SEO campaign accordingly.


Get the TOP-10

Get TOP-10 information for every tracked query:

  • URL list,
  • visibility,
  • traffic,
  • directories listings,
  • number of the backlinks,
  • basic websites parameters.

Know your competitors to improve your own rankings.


All Competitors

You can also discover all your competitors and their basic SEO metrics:

  • parameters;
  • traffic;
  • backlinks number.

Scrutinise into the gathered information, pay attention to the structure of the competitor’s websites, design solutions and usability. Find what is worth implementing on your own website.


“Marketing Plan” Module

This section is your life jacket at your website’s development.

Se Ranking has analyzed multiple SEO-related articles, guides and manuals and made a summary of the most important points.

Visit the section to learn how to improve your website. It includes a dozen practice-oriented recommendations, each being a serious step on the way to improving Search Engine friendliness and the website’s functionality. Most of the Marketing Plan points are hidden in the trial accounts, but in any paid subscription plan these are available.


“Website Audit” Module

This section will show the way Search Engines see your website. Note that SE Ranking checks not only the front page, which is frequent in other services, but all the pages of your website.

This service in the trial accounts is considerably less functional: most of the modules are turned off or work in the basic mode. In an account with positive balance or a paid subscription, you may check up to 5000 pages per month, which is often more than enough for most of the websites.


“Backlinks” Module

Afraid of another Penguin update from Google? With the help of SE Ranking backlinks analysis module, you are to be afraid of nothing.

  • Check the websites before placing a links.
  • Monitor your backlink and make sure it is not getting deleted.
  • Make sure that the website your link is placed on is not turning into a link farm.

1000 backlinks per month are analyzed free of charge.


“Social” Module

Finally, in this section, you can connect your social accounts and analyze the statistics as well as access auto-posting feature for all the connected accounts simultaneously. That will considerably increase the speed and the volume of extra traffic and targeted visitors.

You can also auto-posting, as well as checking your Facebook and Twitter account metrics.


SE Ranking Price and Plans

With daily rankings check frequency the price is full. Every 3 days, you get a 20% off, while if you opt for every week, you will receive a 40$ discount.

Here’s how SE Ranking price and plans will look if you choose to get weekly rankings check frequency:

The most popular choice is the “PLUS” plan, at 39$/mo, with up to 1,000 keywords and the following features:

  • Unlimited websites amount
  • Website audit for 150,000 pages
  • Monitoring for 25,000 backlinks
  • Backlinks explorer
  • Keyword grouping
  • Competitor SEO/PPC research
  • On-page SEO audit: 15 pages
  • Marketing plan
  • Flexible report generator
  • SMM: Analytics and management
  • Sub-accounts
  • Page changes monitoring: 100
  • White label



SE Ranking is one of the most sophisticated, yet simple to use all-in-one SEO tools I’ve ever tried.

Most of the times, you need to use different software to cover all the aspects of an online business. With SE Ranking, you have everything you need: SEO, backlinks, traffic, analytics, competitors, keywords research, marketing and social media.

And you? Are you ready to test it?

Here you find the sign up page for 14-day free trial (no credit card required).

And if you are going to become a customer, be sure to get 30% off on any pricing plan until November 30th with this Black Friday coupon.

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