Readers respond to Guardian’s continuing coverage of sexual harassment in Westminster and beyond

Your leading article (There can be no excuses: harassment culture must end, 6 November) highlights the dreadful statistics as regards sexual harassment in the workplace, with more than 50% of women surveyed experiencing some form of unwanted, inappropriate behaviour. What your article does not touch on is the abysmally low success rate of the women who try to challenge this behaviour through the courts and to get their employers to actually do something about it. The 2010 Equality Act is clearly deficient in preventing the abuse, and in my view is the wrong way to go about tackling the problem.

With something like sexual harassment you have to start right at the top of the organisation, starting with senior managers and employers who at the moment are only paying lip service to this piece of legislation, and indeed actually ignore it. The best way to tackle the problem is to introduce the concept of vicarious liability and make employers liable for the acts and omissions of the offending employee(s), and to address the issue as first and foremost a health and safety matter. Putting the onus on the employer through health and safety is the only way to get them to do anything about this endemic problem rather than ignoring it.
David Lockwood
St Helens, Merseyside

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