23 November 1971 Now living in Paris, the former far right leader says that he is still ready to place himself at the service of the British people

I have been searching in vain for the mot juste to convey the opposite of “radical chic,” Tom Wolfe’s inspired phrase for describing Leonard Bernstein’s famous New York party for the Black Panthers. I need it to describe the exact nature of the occasion at which I recently met Sir Oswald Mosley, Tom to his friends.

Sir Oswald, 75, is politically dead but well and living in Paris. He pays occasional visits to London. To meet him on this particular occasion were assembled in a Mayfair flat an exotic collection of millionaires and socialites, punters, and peers, the latter mostly of the Irish variety – and me. Mr Bernard Levin was also to have been present but was said to have been down with the flu. Get well soon Bernard.

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