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According to my colleague Philip Oltermann, the Guardian’s Berlin bureau chief, the Federation of German Industries put out a statement after the Downing Street meeting saying Theresa May’s proposed two-year transition would not be long enough. The Federation of German Industries is the German equivalent of the CBI.

Statement from Federation of German Industries after Downing Street visit: “Businesses’ idea of a transition phase differs from that of the British government. Two years not enough to create necessary legal framework”


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Business is extremely concerned with the slow pace of negotiations and the lack of progress only one month before the decisive December European council. Business aims to avoid a cliff edge and therefore asks for a “status quo – like” transitional arrangement with the UK staying in the customs union and the single market as this will best provide citizens and businesses with greater certainty.

I’m afraid to say the prime minister’s tone-deaf, tin-eared article in the Telegraph was guaranteed to continue to deepen divisions in the Conservative party, rather than trying to heal them, which is what she should be doing.

I think it is an incoherent and thoroughly stupid amendment and it won’t have my support.

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