Camilla Palmer and Claire Dawson call on employers to act, Annie Sedley and Jilll Wallis point to three decades of women’s campaigning, while Linda Walker wonders whether defending arming Saudi Arabia might be worse than KneegateAbuse of power is easy when exerted against those fearful of being dismissed or sidelined. When there is power against fear, it is no contest – unless perpetrators are exposed and victims are supported. To say that what was acceptable then is not acceptable now is nonsense: it was never acceptable. It takes hundreds of brave women to talk about their experience of sexual harassment before harassment is taken seriously. With a groundswell of support for the victims, we must all learn not to be cowards, but call it out on every occasion (The victims of sexual abuse are the only voices that matter, 1 November).

Most of the harassment was well known but left unchallenged. So many women suffered and lost their jobs as a result. I have acted for many women. Every harasser – past or present – should now feel as vulnerable and worried. They may be outed at any time. There is rarely an isolated incident of harassment. Victims are pushed out with money and gagging clauses, and the man remains – to harass again.

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