The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for Victoria, with flash-flooding and heavy rain expected to put homes and lives at risk

From BOM meteorologist Amanda Peace;

Saturday is likely to be the wettest day. We’ll see the low drift further south and this trough extend up through New South Wales and into Queensland with a band of heavy showers and thunderstorms.

By Sunday, the low is forecast to move out into the Tasman Sea and into Bass Strait and into the Tasman Sea, we’ll see southerly winds wrapping in around that low, and on the western flank we’re likely to see another burst of rain for central Victoria, including Melbourne. And further north, the trough will move towards northeastern New South Wales and into eastern Queensland. And these areas are likely to experience some significant rainfall on Sunday and Monday.


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Classic Melbourne.

From heatwave to this … don’t ya love Melbourne #melbournestorm

Is this hashtag for the weather or the rugby team?! #melbournestorm

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