From the Barrier Reef to Batman, Labor's roads all lead to Adani | Katharine Murphy

Bill Shorten faced a torrid week after being mowed down by Geoff Cousins, but could find salvation in the Melbourne byelection

It is hard to look past the spectacle of Michaelia Cash and her tantrum at taxpayer expense, followed by the undignified crouching behind a whiteboard, or Peter Dutton “not moralising” while moralising about Bill Shorten. But we do have to train our eyes this weekend on something more consequential.

While the Turnbull government was thrashing about with its inept and downright nasty efforts to wound the Labor leader – reactivating its morale-boosting “Kill Bill” strategy, because apparently that’s what politics is now about, constant carping and corrosion – someone outside politics fronted up calmly to a television network and showed the mewling Canberra toddlers what a precision demolition looks like.

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