Tottenham are a model of FA Cup consistency and the PM proves adept at robotic speech

Congratulations to Spurs for extending their record-beating run of losing in the FA Cup semi-final to eight games. Though not for the pain inflicted on me and 30,000 other fans who forked out £80 for the privilege. Still, there has been some progression, if not improvement. In the past, Tottenham teams would usually make a point of underperforming badly right from the start in big cup games, which at least had the benefit of expectation management so that 20 minutes before the final whistle you were totally prepared for defeat. This year Spurs have developed a new and unusual punishment of playing like kings for the first 20 minutes, scoring an early goal while passing up the opportunity to kill off the game by missing clear-cut chances to extend the lead before contriving to find a way to lose. On the plus side, there are advantages to such consistency. I had been so certain Spurs wouldn’t reach the final that a couple of months ago I quite happily accepted an invitation to speak at the Charleston literary festival on 19 May. I’d have been devastated to miss a first FA Cup final since 1991.

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