At the core of a design agency, execution of creative ideas is essential to prosper.  However, the bottom line of any business lies on one thing and that is how you go about managing your project operations and team.

The key discovery here is to be productive in whatever you do. However, if you fail to deliver your ideas in the required timeframe, you will eventually lose your valuable clients regardless of the fact how good your service or ideas are.

If you are eager to boost your agency’s productivity without making compromise on its creative output, then you’re at right place. In this article, I’m going to list down the 5 important productivity tips that you can implement right away.


Streamline Business Processes by Information-Gathering

The most important step is knowing your client because your success is dependent on how good you have understood your client’s requirements. To create a design that directly fits with your clients’ business needs you need to have a clear idea of who your client’s target audience is and what goal they are looking forward to fulfill.

For that reason, you need to gather the information and for that ensure selected team members can meet with the client prior of starting the work. You can use the template questionnaire as well that can help you to guide your conversation.


Leverage Your CRM for Better Productivity

If you want to boost productivity, you need to leverage from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool as it helps in effectively managing existing and new customer relationships and the data that are related with them.

In addition, it will help you track customer feedback and establish trends, store important information related to customers, sales, accounts, potential leads and market prospects all together in one platform.


Follow Review & Approval Process

Gaining client satisfaction has always been a challenging task. To achieve that you need to ensure that the designs you create are timeless, unique and artistic enough to stand out from the competition.

For instance, if you are a logo design agency you need to ensure that you create a logo that meets your client’s expectations. Therefore, the practice of following a proper review and approval steps is essential for your business to flourish.


Employ Time Tracking & Project Management Tools

People working on a project have crucial details to remember that usually preoccupies them. They do not find enough time to worry about little aspects that takes efforts into managing it. It is where you can benefit from project management and time tracking tools. This way you can easily streamline your project operations while ensuring you deliver the optimal results to your clients.

“Project Management is where you make difference as a company.” – Daniel Shane, Branding Expert at LogoOrbit



Each project needs to be completed on the required time especially when you are working for clients. For that reason, you have to ensure that the designers working in your firm are well aware of the roles they are entitled to perform.

Defined responsibilities and clear expectations will assists in getting individual output and eventually boost team collaboration. Managers and project coordinators should assign tasks and set deadlines accordingly to ensure a smooth workflow.


Wrapping Up

In design agency, the competition is getting fierce day by day and in order to cut through the noise you need to ensure that you persistently work on exploring new and viable strategies that will boost productivity and helps you stay ahead of the curve. If you implement the above discussed tips in your management strategy, you will certainly rise above the competition.

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