After the high court ruling derailed the budget sell, the PM spruiks his tax plan. And byelections cast a shadow over Labor. All the day’s events, live …

And now everything tax, tax, tax is also all things byelection.

Well, there there are by-elections are always tough for the government, for an incumbent government whatever political stripe, but we will see,” Malcolm Turnbull said.

“Obviously this is going to be a very big test for Bill Shorten. He asserted that his party’s vetting processes were rolled gold, even after the high court made it very clear in the Canavan decision last year that the position of the labor MPs in the House of Representatives was untenable. They made it very clear, he insisted that they were OK. They did not resign. He took no responsibility for their position. Of clear ineligibility and then the High Court simply reconfirmed in the Gallagher case yesterday what they said in the Canavan case in October.”


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Malcolm Turnbull was on ABC radio earlier this morning, and it was all about tax, tax, tax.

This is Australian’s money. You see this is the big difference between our approach and Bill Shorten’s approach. Bill Shorten regards a reduction in tax as a giveaway by the government. He thinks that the money that Australians earn belongs to the government and that it is the government that allows them to keep whatever is not grabbed in tax. He wants to go after pensioners savings, he wants to go after, he wants to increase tax on small businesses, he wants to go after trusts, he wants to go after one target after another. $200 billion of additional taxes.

What we’re saying is that hardworkingAustralian families, particularly middle income Australian families deserve to keep more of the money they earn. It is their money. That’s why they are getting, they’re getting support in the first stage. They’re getting the support in the first stage and then as the tax reform rolls out, we’re going to to get to the point, what a huge reform, 94% of Australians will know that if they go out and earn an extra dollar, they won’t pay more than 32.5 cents in the dollar. That’s a huge reform.

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