Sussan Ley, Sarah Henderson and Jason Wood promote private member’s bill, as Scott Morrison begins his tax sell in parliament. Follow all today’s events in Canberra

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, AGL has given a big ‘yeah, nah’ to Alinta Energy’s $250 million offer to buy the Liddell Power Station. AGL announced this morning that it’s board has turned down the offer, and still plans on shutting down the aging power station in 2022 and repurpose it, as it moves towards renewable energies.

The government is still to respond, but as the rage machine whirls up, it is probably good to remember that the energy regulator didn’t recommend Liddell stay open beyond its life.


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It’s only been a week since we last met here, but it feels like a lifetime.

Jane Prentice was dumped as the candidate for Ryan, and replaced with a man, which set off a long week for the Liberal party, as it attempted to explain it really did want to encourage more women to join its rank.

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