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Regional devolution is vital because the government and Whitehall are so “obsessed with Brexit” they are “incapable of doing anything else”, business and community leaders from the north of England have been told. As the Press Association reports, Professor Anand Menon, director of research organisation UK in a Changing Europe, told the first Brexit North summit in Leeds:

One of the most compelling reasons in a post-Brexit scenario, as far as I’m concerned, is that Whitehall and Westminster are simply not able to cope.

Brexit is such a massive challenge to central government that, actually, you have to divorce some powers now otherwise things that needs doing – transport being there amongst them – are not going to get done.


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Sky’s Faisal Islam has more on the contingency plans to park lorries on the M20.

“This would be needed regardless of Brexit” says one Government source – pointing out that the hard shoulders need to be hardened, and “several tens of thousands” of cones need to be bought too…

entire coastbound M20 between J8-9 – a 13 mile stretch between Maidstone & Ashford would be “used to hold HGVs” – 2000 lorry car park – while the Londonbound M20 would turn into a contraflow system of two lanes each, if £25m “Operation Brock” activated

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