Tributes are being paid to more of the 72 victims of last year’s fire

The inquiry hearing is now pausing until 2.15pm to accommodate for Friday prayers.


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We are now to hear the commemoration for Jessica Urbano Ramirez Smith, who died two weeks short of her 13th birthday, presented by her family. Her sister said:

Jess was just reaching that age where you just begin to plan your future. Listening to some of the other pen portraits this week has been difficult for us because we always thought she could do more.

There are no words to describe the feelings of emptiness inside us. It’s only people in the same circumstances as use that can feel this pain.

I never thought I would be writing something like this for my sister Jessica. Not a day goes by without her crossing my mind.

Jess was full of joy, full of laughter and she deserved to live a happy life surrounded by family and friends who loved her.

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