Follow live updates on the opening of the Grenfell Tower inquiry when family and friends will pay tributes to the victims

While we wait the inquiry to resume at 2pm, here’s the Guardian’s editorial on what it should uncover.

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Almost a year on, there remains a disturbing feeling that justice is far from being delivered. The families of the dead are a long way from possessing any sense of completion. The inquiry, led by a judge, is a necessary step, but it is far from being a sufficient one.

The government has yet to make much progress on the houses that the former Grenfell residents need – only one in three of the families are living in a permanent new home. Woeful handling of the situation by Kensington and Chelsea council has not improved much since it dumped its ineffective leadership last year, bringing in a new head who’d never been to a tower block. Unsurprisingly the council continues to build fewer affordable homes than any other London borough.


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The opening remarks by Richard Millett, lead counsel to the inquiry, are also worth recalling.

He set out the importance of hearing the tributes to the victims. Millett said:

In our search using the tools of evidence and science at our disposal we risk losing sight of why we are doing it and the people that we are doing it for. So it is only right that this inquiry starts not with the study of combustible materials, fire spread, and the building regulations – that will come soon enough – but with the individual human voices and faces of this tragedy.

“Today and in the days that follow you will hear from the family and friends who have lost their loved ones in the flames at Grenfell tower and to whose memory our search for the truth is dedicated.

There are some for whom the weight of grief is simply too great to bear and who have chosen to grieve privately or in silence. For them the inquiry is honoured to provide a voice with which to name their loved ones. So may we remember Victoria King, flat 172; so may we remember Alexandra Atalal, flat 172; so may we remember Marco Gottardi, flat 202; so may we remember Abufras Ibrahim, flat 206; so may we remember Abdeslam Sebbar flat 81 and so may we remember Sheila, flat 132.

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