The logo is the spirit of your business and people tend to give their trust to a company that has curated and recognizable graphics.

Your company logo is something you should treat with the utmost care because it defines your business identity and helps people remember it.

In short, the logo is the base from which to create an effective and successful communication.

So, how can you create a quality logo without breaking the bank?

In this post, I’m going to introduce Designhill artificially intelligent logo maker, a tool you can use to easily create an eye-catching logo for your business, in a matter of minutes.


How to Get Started With Designhill’s Logo Maker

First thing, you have to enter your company name:

In the next page, be sure to select 5 or more design types you like.

This will help Designhill’s logo maker understand which styles you prefer.

Once you have chosen the design style you prefer, click on the Continue button.

In the next page, you will be asked to pick the three colors you prefer:

In the following step, simply enter your company name and, if you have one, your slogan.

Also, select your industry, by choosing one of the categories in the drop-down menu.

Now, you will be asked to search and add up to 5 symbols.

For example, if you type money, a lot of icons will appear:

Once you have chosen 5 symbols, they will be placed in this field, on the right side of the page:

And that’s it. Your work is done.

Now, Designhill’s tool will offer you a selection of logos created with artificial intelligence, based on your preferences.

Here’s a screenshot as example:

Also, you can click the load more button to get more logos generated:

If you want, you can sign up to Designhill, to save your progress. You may use your email or your social accounts.


Choosing and Editing Your Favorite Logo

Now it’s time to choose your favorite logo!

The artificial intelligence will offer different solutions, so you can directly pick your favorite one or make some edits.

There will be a full page of logos, so if you don’t like any of the ones created, you will simply need to press the load more button, to get more results.

During my experience of creating a logo with Designhill’s AI tool, I really liked this one:

I wanted to change the colors, so I’ve selected to edit it.

Like I did, if you click on your favorite graphic, on the following page, you will have lots of options. For example, you can edit your name & slogan, by changing:

  • Company name
  • Name fonts
  • Slogan
  • Slogan fonts

You can change colors of the company name, slogan and symbol. You may also want to directly change the symbol, by choosing one in the list offered.

Or, you can add a container, which is, something that will be placed around your logo. Like a nice circle, a catching square, or any other kind of beautiful decorations.

Finally, you can change symbol size, symbol distance, text distance and container size.

Once you’re done and you are sure of all the edits, the final logo will be shown on different objects and merchandise, such business cards, bags and signs:

Also, if you own a company and you want to get your logo on various objects used on your business, you can get a nice preview.

See the following screenshot, as example for a restaurant, barber or bar:


And here’s my final logo result (the one I liked more among all the ones created):


Designhill’s Logo Maker Packages

Once you have selected and edited your logo, it’s time to download it!

Choose a package between Basic, Premium and Enterprise options.

For example, with the Basic package, for just one time payment of 20$, you get a low-resolution logo file. This is the best solutions for those who are low on budget and are just starting out.

Or, you may want to choose the Premium plan, which is now priced at just $65 (instead of $130). Save 50% and get the high-resolution logo files for your website, social media, print, packaging & branding. Including:

  • High-resolution logo (SVG, EPS, PNG and JPEG file formats)
  • Vector EPS and SVG files
  • Transparent background
  • Lifetime phone support
  • Black / White versions
  • Full Ownership
  • Print ready
  • Font names & colors

And, if you want dozens of graphic designers to compete in a logo design contest and design a professional logo design for your business, choose the Enterprise package, at $199. You’ll get everything listed in the Platinum plan, plus:

  • 30+ design options in less than 7 days!
  • 15+ designers participate
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

Important note: your logo will come with 50+ versions for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Also, you will have complete ownership and copyright with the final source files.

There’s a 24×7 live support, with quick answers to your questions via priority phone, email and live chat.


Final Words

Designhill’s logo maker uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create amazing logos. It also constantly learns which designs work well together, so every time anyone uses the tool, it only gets better. More than 700,000 companies have successfully used this tool, with a satisfaction rate of more than 98%.

Check some of the testimonials from real customers on this page. Here are a few recent ones:

“I did a logo & business card project on Designhill, and got numerous quality entries, plus a winning entry that I will be very happy to use. The designers took direction well, and were quick to make requested revisions. I’d be happy to recommend this design service to others!” Lennart Bjorksten of Bjorksten Voice Overs

Great communication and easy process. We will use service again. Richard Boyd of Rave Laundry

Easy quick experience I’d recommend especially to small businesses working within a tighter budget. Colleen Donovan of Custom K9

I really liked the idea of building a logo, with an AI tool, based on my choices. Based on my experience, the interface was user-friendly and super easy to understand, making it a very handy way of getting a quality design, in a matter of minutes.

I loved the whole concept of platform, based on artificial intelligence. And I noticed really competitive prices too. For just $20, I was able to purchase my logo, selecting my favorite one among all the results.


Now, it’s over to you.

Are you going to try Designhill’s logo maker?

Have you ever heard of an AI tool to create logos?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, thanks!

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