Follow live as votes are counted in Ireland’s referendum on the eighth amendment

The Irish capital is expected to return among the highest proportion of yes votes in the country. The Irish Times reports that with 23% of ballot boxes open in Dublin Bay South, 79% are yes and 21% no. Dublin Central has 46% of boxes open with 76% in favour of repealing the eighth and 24%% against.


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The detail of the RTE exit poll shows Ireland has profoundly changed its attitudes towards women, with most voters saying they had made up their minds to repeal abortion laws years ago, reports Lisa O’Caroll.

It showed little gender difference in voting, only one in 10 saying they were influenced by posters or religion, and more than 75% saying they had not changed their mind on abortion in the past five years – suggesting support for reform far predated the announcement of a referendum two months ago.

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