Supporting someone’s cause also means calling them out when they are wrong. The Palestinian leader’s views on Jews and the Holocaust are unacceptable

Think of it as a test. Can you hold two apparently clashing thoughts in your mind at the same time? Or, put another way, can you condemn reprehensible words and deeds when they come from someone whose cause you otherwise believe is just?

The question arises after the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, declared in a rambling speech on Monday that the root cause of the Holocaust was not so much the Nazis’ genocidal hatred of Jews as the Jews’ own conduct, specifically their “social behaviour”, adding that he meant “their social function related to banks and interest”. Loosely translated, Abbas seemed to be suggesting that Jews brought the mass slaughter of six million upon themselves, thanks to their supposed stinginess, fondness for money-lending and for driving a hard bargain – to cite just a few of the hoary anti-Jewish stereotypes Abbas apparently had in mind.

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