Footballer’s flat in Amsterdam available as social housing for low earners only despite calls to turn property into a museum

Until he was 12, Johan Cruyff lived on the corner of Tuinbouwstraat and Akkerstraat in the working-class Betondorp district of Amsterdam. As well as being a wonderfully creative footballer, who during the mid-1970s became the best in the world, Cruyff was also famously leftwing. He said he could never have played for Real Madrid, because it was the club of General Franco, and became a strong supporter of Catalan independence during his years with Barcelona.

Cruyff died two years ago, at the age of 68, but in Betondorp the legacy of his progressive politics lives on. His childhood home at 32 Akkerstraat has recently become available to rent, but there is a strict condition: only those with a household income of less than £36,000 should apply. With its historical associations, the two-bedroom flat would be worth a great deal on the open market, but that is not the way Cruyff would have wanted to play it. Owned by a social housing association, number 32 could be yours for £530 a month.

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