Barnaby Joyce’s reported $150,000 payday for tell-all interview condemned as government gets tough on tax. All the day’s events, live
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You may have seen yesterday that Steve Martin, who was the No 2 on the Jacqui Lambie ticket and arrived in the Senate after Lambie discovered she was a dual citizen, joined the Nationals.

Michael McCormack keeps referring to him as the “Tasmanian tiger”. Which is hilarious, because, well, the Tasmanian tiger is extinct. So perhaps not the greatest analogy.

In 1927, McWilliams was out of parliament. After being elected to Franklin in 1903 as a Revenue Tariff candidate, McWilliams was variously an Anti-Socialist/Free Trade member (1906-09), a Liberal (1909-17) and a Nationalist (1917-20). He then joined the Country party and became its leader in February 1920. After internal differences, McWilliams was replaced as leader in April 1921. At the 1922 election, running as a Country Party candidate, he lost his seat to the Nationalist candidate Alfred Seabrook.


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Darren Chester, who was the first to break the ‘that’s a personal matter, we don’t want to comment about it” wall, which is also the line Labor MPs took, has also doubled down on his comments on Barnaby Joyce, while talking to the ABC this morning:

What I said is that I’m uncomfortable about cheque book journalist and uncomfortable about the idea of sitting MPs getting paid. I am not getting paid to be on your show. In the longer term, do we want to see sitting members of parliament paid to turn up on radio and TV programs?

My feeling is that that would be a poor result. But the specific circumstances around Barnaby’s case are more complex because you’ve got private citizens, a private citizen, who is a part of the story, and every right to seek, I guess, payment if they want to to sell their story. So it’s more complex [than] perhaps just me as a sitting MP turning up on a program. But my view is cheque book journalism isn’t great for journalism, and I don’t think that sitting MPs want to be in a position where the public is questioning whether they’ve been paid.

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