Mahathir Mohamad’s victory is like Nigel Farage running for Remain. But it shows anything is possible in a country long racked by division and graft

How can you explain what has happened in Malaysia? How can you explain the sheer jubilant wonder of seeing Mahathir Mohamad come back to save the country from the slippery slope he had painstakingly constructed – someone who built so much of modern Malaysia, but also turned the very concept of electoral reform into anathema?

It’d be like the spectre of Ronald Reagan returning to take on Trump, according to one meme doing the rounds, though Nigel Farage popping up to run a latter-day Remain campaign may be closer in spirit. But analogies sputter into irrelevance here – the plot twists in Malaysian politics are closer to those in professional wrestling than anything else in real life.

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