The Manchester Evening News has what they call an “extraordinary picture of Albert Square tonight”.

An extraordinary picture of Albert Square tonight. #ManchesterTogether #WeStandTogether


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Claire Allen, 36, who works for a food company in Manchester, says she loves her adoptive city.

It just brought us all together. You can see it with all the children wearing the Manchester Together t-shirts that all the school kids are wearing. We just want to send a message to the people who have ruined the way of life in Manchester that they have failed miserably.

The idea of the sing along is really nice. I’ll sing along, even if it is out of tune.

It’s about paying respects really. Everybody pulled together last year and it’s nice to see it again this year.

It was an attack on Manchester as well an attack people living their fee lives. The city’s response reaffirms that the north and Manchester is a powerful place to be.

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