Facebook’s co-founder will be speaking to the ‘conference of presidents’ made up of leaders of the eight major political groupings

Nigel Farage next, who describes himself as the EU’s largest Facebook user, before – as he teased – launching into an attack on Facebook as a biased, partial platform.

“What is absolutely true is that since January this year, you’ve changed your algorithms, and it’s led to a substantial drop to views and engagements for those who’ve got right of centre political opinions… on average, we’re down about 25% over the course of this year.


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Gabriele Zimmer, German socialist, is the first to ask a question in a language other than English. She criticises Zuckerberg for the closed nature of the meeting, before turning to how the site has, she says, degraded since it was formed.

“These platforms have changed, there’s a lot more fake news, the communities have gotten smaller, you have a very narrow view of the world.

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