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The Labour MP Sarah Jones, who secured a debate on cancer treatment in Jowell’s honour last month, says that as a friend of Jowell’s she got to recognise the velvet and the steel. She says when the debate was held last month Jowell insisted it was not about her. So, in that spirit, Jones says she wants to welcome the new funding announced for brain cancer research.


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The Lib Dem MP Alistair Carmichael says Tessa Jowell was not just kind and generous to fellow MPs; she was like that with all staff in the House of Commons, and with civil servants, he says.

Carmichael says Jowell was brought up and educated in the north east of Scotland. She studied at the University of Aberdeen. Aberdeen graduates have never been over-represented in the Commons. But, as a fellow graduate, he likes to think they have made up in quality what they lack in quantity, and Jowell exemplifies that, he says.

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