Senator responds to reports that Brian Burston will vote with the government on corporate tax cuts. All the day’s events, live

Heading back to that exchange between Cash and Murray Watt now that things have settled down again for a moment:

Cash: The only question which needs to be answered is that of Mr Shorten, who wants to run the biggest company in Australia, funded by the Australian taxpayer –


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“ONE NATION IS NOT A LOOSE ALLIANCE,” Pauline Hanson cuts in, after asking Peter Georgiou to explain how the party democratically comes to decisions on how it votes.

One Nation is a bloc. We will vote as a bloc. We are not a loose party. There was a vote about same-sex marriage. I was open to other senators to have their own personal opinions stopped there are certain issues they should have their own personal opinion. We are united in our vote with this.

I didn’t realise she walked away. I will walk away too now. I will walk away, too, now.

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