One Nation leader changes her mind again on tax – just in time for the Longman byelection. All the day’s events, live

Home affairs minister Peter Dutton has given a doorstop to rail against Labor’s refugee policies and has also confirmed that about 50 athletes from the Commonwealth games are unaccounted for.
Dutton confirmed there is “an operation being conducted by the department … in conjunction with state policing agencies to try to find leads in relation to these people and to take them into immigration detention and to deport them”.
Later he added the qualifier they will be deported “if they’re found not to be owed protection” – so, of course, they can claim asylum. But Dutton said that “many of the 190 who have applied for protection visas are just trying it on” and warned they should “consider their position carefully”.
Asked to address the missing 50 athletes, Dutton said:

“My message to the 50 [athletes] is the Australian public won’t be taken for a ride. We aren’t going to tolerate people who come here on visas that have been issued in good faith and then [you] take advantage of our system. We want to see those 50 people present themselves to the Australian Border Force because if they don’t, ABF will find out where they are, they will be taken into immigration detention and they will be deported.”


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It’s a chilly Tuesday along the east coast – and the halls of parliament, after Pauline Hanson reneged on her party’s support for the government’s company tax cut, presenting a list of impossible demands if the government wants her back.

That includes cutting immigration, doing things to help pensioners, bringing energy prices down….anyone would think there was a byelection in a key One Nation electorate coming up.

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