Readers differ on the effects of immigration and policy reactions to it

An excellent, sane, necessary article by Aditya Chakrabortty, with sound advice for Labour (Migration has benefited the UK. It’s time to bust the myths, 17 May). What is particularly vile is that it is such a cynical ploy. For Fox, Johnson, Gove and the others, curbing migration is not their main motive (though it might be one of May’s, obsessed with keeping her old Home Office targets). For the neocon corporate-backed Brexiteers, the real purpose of Brexit is, as you recently observed (Cabinet divisions over a customs union area proxy for deeper Tory division, 3 May), the bonfire of European regulations which spoil their desperate ambitions for a “purgative transformation of the UK along ultra-Thatcherite lines”. Can you keep reminding us of that?
John Airs

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