Salena Zito and Brad Todd pull punches on race but show just how the ‘blue wall’ collapsed and how hard it will be to rebuild

Between November 2007 and late 2016, white Americans lost more than 700,000 jobs. Seemingly oblivious to that reality, on the manicured lawns of Martha’s Vineyard, Silicon Valley and Beverly Hills Hillary Clinton repeatedly shared that a chunk of Donald Trump’s base was irredeemably deplorable. Only when Clinton was busted for repeating that same line at a Wall Street fundraiser did she bother to feign remorse.

The powder that exploded on election day 2016 was all around. But it took Donald Trump to light the match, and few were prepared for the ensuing conflagration. The industrial midwest, the Democrats’ famed blue wall, collapsed. A segment of the electorate that had cast its lot with Barack Obama, together with others who had never before voted, propelled Trump to the White House.

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