The father of the bride has had his life made a misery by the excesses of the paparazzi. There is no sign that anything much has changed since the death of Princess Diana

Who will give Meghan Markle away on the day of her wedding? Well, no woman needs to be given away and no one needs to contend with another royal wedding. Everyone in Britain can look away now and revel in the idea that the monarchy is an institution that has no real effect on its subjects’ lives, loyal or disloyal. The lovely old Queen, corgis and all, is the head of state and head of the church, but why bore on about the constitution when we can consider Meghan’s messy bun? For the way the monarchy functions is by telling us stories that are said to unify our disparate nation – and those stories are of the hatch ’em, match ’em and dispatch ’em variety.

At one time, power meant privacy. Not any longer. The royals are born to rule and we are apparently born to watch, or so it is assumed by those who publish paparazzi shots of them and their adjuncts. Thomas Markle, a retired lighting director, seemed to be living a quiet life in Mexico until his daughter got embroiled with a royal. Long divorced from her mother, he is said to be close to his daughter. Portrayed in some quarters as some kind of bumbling reclusive bankrupt, he actually won several awards during his career. He just doesn’t seem to want to be in the public eye, and why should he?

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