Marketing is a complicated game that’s constantly changing and developing. To help your brand stay on top and to keep your site high in Google, you need to be constantly aware of the newest strategies and as fully informed as you possibly can be at all times.

You should be constantly reading, constantly learning, and absorbing any information you can find – because every new piece of information is essentially more fuel for your business that can help you to climb higher in the rankings, to get more visitors and to increase profits as a result.

To demonstrate, here are five random tips that can be immensely powerful and useful when it comes to generating new leads that will eventually become paying customers.


1. Get a Mailing List

If you don’t have one already then it’s absolutely essential that you got one. This is the bread and butter of lead generation!

This way you can get leads from people who only visit your site even very shortly and you can use that to promote your products, to bring them back to your site or just generally to maintain contact. Add an incentive to join (such as a free ebook or special offer) and you’ll find lots of people sign up. It’s an invaluable asset.

Consider as well the tools that you use to send your emails. The best autoresponders and contact management tools will allow you to do things like measuring engagement (just how warm is that lead?) and then send special offers to people that are ready to receive them.


2. And a Snail Mail Mailing List

Mailing lists don’t just mean email lists! Just as powerful are old-fashioned snail-mail lists and these can in fact be even more effective when it comes to engagement because you are sending the recipient something tangible they can’t just ignore.

Just find a San Diego, CA expert or an expert for your area, and let them help you with your bulk mail needs. Otherwise, use a printing service and try flyering in person. Sometimes the old tricks are still the best!


3. Don’t Ignore Google Plus

If you aren’t already, then start using Google Plus. Even though Google Plus isn’t doing so well itself, it is still something that Google looks at at the moment when ranking sites and it’s a guaranteed way to get yourself into the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for at least some users.

Small businesses can market themselves for free in Google’s communities, and it can be linked with Google Places to help you show up on maps.


4. Add Lots of People on Social Media

The best way to increase the effectiveness of your Google Plus profile? Get lots of friends in your circles. And how do you do that? By adding lots of people yourself. Add lots of people to your circles, they’ll be notified, and most of the time they’ll add you back.

The same thing is true for other forms of social marketing. If you want to spread the word about your brand, follow, talk to and interact with people in your niche. Now be active on that social media and you’ll increase engagement. You can then use tools to advertise to your own contacts, or even to export them to a mailing list!


5. Experiment With AdWords

Here’s a little trick that not everyone knows. Before spending hours and hours trying to rank for a particular keyword, first test out which keywords are the most successful by using AdWords to advertise on them. If you do this then you can see quickly which keywords bring the most relevant traffic and you can then target those keywords for your SEO work.

PPC is particularly effective for small local businesses because those keywords are less competitive. Ideal for lead generation for a small business if you funnel those clicks to a mailing list or sales page.

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