Liberal MP Hastie’s allegations in parliament about Chinese-Australian billionaire and political donor catches PM off-guard. Meanwhile, government scrambles to save its tax changes. All the days events, live

The government introduced its income tax plan into the House yesterday, where, because of the numbers game, it should have no problem sailing through.

Andrew Leigh picked up research from The Australia Institute which found there would be a gender imbalance from the government’s planned tax, with men getting more of the benefit.


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Well. That was quite the night.

Shortly after I closed the blog last night, Liberal MP and head of the parliamentary intelligence committee, Andrew Hastie, walked into the Federation Chamber and used parliamentary privilege to name an Australian-Chinese billionaire and one of the nation’s biggest political donors, as the co-conspirator in a US bribery case involving a UN diplomat.

The first I learned of Mr Hastie’s remarks is when I had heard them..I had no forewarning of it.”

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