Websites are desperately trying to maintain their links to users before the 24 May deadline, when consumers rather than companies will be in charge of personal data

‘Hey there Field Left Blank. So listen, budski, my man, my main man … I know we’ve been sending you spammy emails about cheap holiday deals five days a week. For the last five years. Yeah, maybe we took a few liberties with that. Mistakes were made. IDK. But I’m here, today, to tell you we value you as a customer, Field Left Blank. So …. um, was wondering, would you be interested in maybe opting in? Please. Please?”

So goes every third email in your inbox this week, as a change in the law heads towards its final 24 May deadline, with even such well-established email beggars as the Guardian getting in on the act. But what exactly is GDPR?

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