Follow live updates as Theresa May makes a final push to head off a ‘meaningful vote’ rebellion

ITV’s political editor Robert Peston reckons there is a real risk that May could a lose a vote that she could have avoided.

Writing on Facebook he says: “May could have swallowed the substance of the amendment and emerged unscathed.”

The real significance of today’s showdown is it’s a dress rehearsal for the biggie next month – the customs union amendment to the Trade Bill. Rebels are desperate to show they have the numbers to win that, PM desperate to show they don’t. (2/2)

It’s the rebel waverers that matter most this afternoon, not your Anna Soubrys or Ken Clarkes. And although both May and Corbyn say this is about the national interest, not party interest, it’s how their MPs interpret their conflicting loyalties that will swing the decision today.


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Welcome to Politics live as Theresa May faces a knife-edge Commons vote on Brexit as MPs decide on parliament’s role in Britain’s exit from the European Union.

Tory rebels reckon they could inflict a defeat on the government as the EU withdrawal bill returns to the Commons after the Lords again backed giving MPs a “meaningful” say on the final deal.

Public Service announcement: Debate on the #MeaningfulVote is scheduled to last for 90 mins. Provided there are no Statements or UQs, the debate should start around 1pm with the key vote on whether to keep the #Grieve2 #MeaningfulVote Amdt as the first vote at around 2:30pm.

Bloomin’ Brexit – why it’s so important to get it right: #MeaningfulVote

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