The Turkish president is a dictator in all but name. Turkish voters should kick him out

The prospect of a triumphantly re-elected Recep Tayyip Erdoğan armed with sweeping new presidential powers is deeply alarming to many Turks, but it is also a scary prospect for the international community. Since taking national office 15 years ago, Erdoğan has turned from neighbourhood bully-boy into geostrategic threat. Under his choleric, resentful tutelage, Turkey has ceased to be a reliable friend of Europe and the US. If he gets his way in Sunday’s polls, Erdoğan, a dictator in all but name, is likely to foment further instability in Syria and throughout the Middle East region.

Latest estimates suggest Erdoğan, who is facing stronger than expected opposition, will be forced into a second round run-off in July. Likewise, his neo-Islamist Justice and Development party, in power since 2002 and accused of economic mismanagement and corruption, may lose its overall parliamentary majority.

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