Readers respond to the US immigration policy where children are being separated from their parents

Your article about President Trump’s defence of an immigration policy that separates children from parents (US will not be ‘migrant camp like Europe’, declares Trump, 19 June 18) could have stressed the power of fear. Attorney general Jeff Sessions’ guidelines for granting asylum to immigrants is a gross injustice that is not supported by facts. He states that “…claims by aliens pertaining to domestic violence or gang violence perpetrated by non-governmental actors will not qualify for asylum”. My research documents how the false propaganda of fear is used to discriminate against people and harm some groups. Mr Sessions draws on sensationalised and false fear of immigrants, who have been pilloried by Donald Trump (as criminals, rapists and drug dealers), to deny them asylum as they flee very real fears of being murdered by spouses, organised crime and criminal gangs. It is unfortunate, illogical, and embarrassing that such “fake fears” are guiding our immigration policy and contributing to the suffering of thousands of women and children seeking refuge.
David L Altheide
Regents’ professor emeritus, Arizona State University

• I am a horrified US citizen. I urge all living outside the US to boycott it entirely. I urge you not to buy US products; I urge you not to visit or do business in or with the US; and I urge you to encourage family, friends and colleagues to do the same. It’s bad enough that the US has created the very circumstances that have forced millions of migrants to seek a safer place to live because their own countries have been ravaged by war, looting of natural resources and destruction of their governments. Now, the US is using the Bible as an excuse to take children from their families, deport parents without returning their children to them, and losing them in the system. Our Health and Human Services Department acknowledges having lost 1,500 children and, by their own admission, these children may very well have been lost to child sex traffickers.

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