Faisal Metalsi runs Grenfell Speaks, a social media news channel, while Zeyad Cred organises monthly silent walks around the tower

• Grenfell survivor Mouna El-Ogbani: ‘We don’t want those lives to be lost for nothing’

“I wanted us to control our own narrative,” says Metalsi, a citizen journalist who single-handedly runs the social media news channel Grenfell Speaks. “That was the reason it started. A few days after the fire I was walking outside Rugby Portobello [a community centre close to Grenfell Tower] and there were camera crews everywhere. I remember thinking, how are these people going to portray my community? And is there something we can do to control that?”

His answer took shape over the weeks that followed. Metalsi, who has a background in web development and branding, started posting footage of council meetings and community protests to Facebook and YouTube. Using his phone camera, he interviewed relatives of the victims, some of whom were speaking publicly for the first time, and talked to locals, celebrities and politicians about the events surrounding Grenfell. “In a nutshell,” he says, “the channel is a way of telling community stories from the perspective of a member of the community.”

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