Marian FitzGerald highlights a significant change in the way crime figures are recordedYour report (I was a victim of scooter phone thieves, says home secretary, 18 June) highlights the lower “sanction detection” rates in the Metropolitan police for burglary (5.5%) and robbery (7%) than for offences generally of 13.2% in 2017-18. The term refers to offences where those responsible were not only identified but were subject to some formal penalty. It has always varied by offence type.

Far more important is the fall in the overall sanction detection rate. This has always been lower than the national average in the Met, but appears to have fallen by 40% in just five years. In 2012-13 the Met’s overall sanction detection rate was 22%, against an average of 27% across all forces in England and Wales (with figures for burglary and robbery of 12% and 21%).

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