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Jeremy Corbyn’s spokesman has signalled that Labour will vote against the third runway at Heathrow, the FT’s Jim Pickard reports.

Corbyn’s spokesman has confirmed that Labour leadership believes Heathrow plan doesn’t pass his “four tests” and will therefore probably vote against it – meaning May will need SNP and Labour rebels to get it through.


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At PMQs Theresa May did not get an answer when she asked Jeremy Corbyn about Labour’s policy on a second Brexit referendum. But Corbyn has given an interview to the Greek paper Ta Nea (the leading centre-left daily – the Greek version of the Guardian, in other words) and in that he did address the question.

Asked if there should be a second referendum given growing assertions that voters had changed their minds about Brexit, the Labour leader said:

Labour respects the result of the referendum, we are leaving the European Union.

What we are doing is fighting for a Brexit deal that protects jobs, our economy and rights for workers, consumers and our environment.

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